Pottery (6) – Etruscan Black (Central Italy, 650-600 BCE)

Miko Flohr, 14/09/2020

Pottery traditions in Italy developed according to a different trajectory than in Greece. In 7th century BCE Etruria, this results in this fine, black pottery which is known as ‘Bucchero’. Bucchero could not be painted, but often was decorated in relief, or, as here, with notched or scratched patterns. It has been argued that potters are trying to imitate bronzework, though this is much rarer. It is important to see Bucchero in its broader context. Etruria was well-connected, and Etruscans liked Greek stuff, too. Even where find contexts are completely dominated by Bucchero, it is common to find fine vases imported from Greece alongside local products.

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 21.88.146.