D. Van Limbergen

Last updated: Wednesday, September 5th 2018, 15:18

Van Limbergen, D., P. Monsieur and F. Vermeulen (2017). ‘The role of overseas export and local consumption demand in the development of viticulture in central Adriatic Italy (200 BC - AD 150) : the case of the Ager Potentinus and the wider Potenza valley’, in G. Tol and T. De Haas (eds), The economic integration of Roman Italy: rural communities in a globalising world. Leiden: Brill, 342–366.
Van Limbergen, D. (2011). ‘Vinum picenum and oliva picena Wine and Oil Presses in Central Adriatic Italy between the Late Republic and the Early Empire. Evidence and Problems’. BABesch 86: 71–94.