D. Van Limbergen

Last updated: Wednesday, September 5th 2018, 15:18

Van Limbergen, D., P. Monsieur and F. Vermeulen (2017). ‘The role of overseas export and local consumption demand in the development of viticulture in central Adriatic Italy (200 BC - AD 150) : the case of the Ager Potentinus and the wider Potenza valley’, in G. Tol and T. De Haas (eds), The economic integration of Roman Italy: rural communities in a globalising world. Leiden, 342–366.
Van Limbergen, D. (2011). ‘Vinum picenum and oliva picena Wine and Oil Presses in Central Adriatic Italy between the Late Republic and the Early Empire. Evidence and Problems’. BABesch 86: 71–94.